22 Years

22 years


Today would have been 22 years of marriage to Bryan Joel Clift! Alivia, Lyle, and I were just talking about you. Were your ears burning or ringing since we were talking about you?

I’m sure you have better things to do than having your ear burning because someone is talking about you. Haha!


Bryan, you would be so proud of me. I never thought I would make it without you, but here we are 6.5 years later.   I was always known as Bryan’s wife, and since then, I’ve had to find my way these past years figuring out who I am, what I like, what, and how to raise our 4 girls without you.   The girls are doing so well, and I know its because you are praying for us everyday at the throne in Heaven. By the way, would you please tell kiss our child in Heaven for me. I bet you are teaching him/her piano & they are probably worshiping with you. I can’t wait to see ya’ll.


Bryan, get this.. You know how I was so not technical? Well, I actually use my IPhone to the fullest. And, I feel like you, I can’t go or do anything without it.


Ok, so, don’t freak out about this, Lyle let the girls have pork (bacon, ham & pepproni) and they love it now. I know pork isn’t the best for them, but we don’t let them have it all the time. You only live once, right? LOL


On another note, who would have thought I would meet Lyle through your Facebook account? I’m so glad you were friends with him. We still don’t know how or when you became friends, but Lyle has been such a God send to us.


And, he has helped Alyssa and Ashlyn get their drivers license since I can’t/don’t allow anyone driving me. Lyle trained them well. Can you believe we have 2 daughters driving now?


Every second of every day, I am reminded of you through our 4 girls:


Alyssa- She has such a love and passion for music/piano. Oh, and I forgot to tell you when Alyssa was taking her drivers test, she failed the eyesight part. I had no idea she couldn’t see, and she had been driving my van all that time. She loves all the same types of food that you did. She basically eats anything just like you did.


Ashlyn- This girl is so determined and not afraid of anything, oh my goodness. She will probably be some type of a strong leader I think. I ever remember you telling me when she was very young that she would be our prophetic song singing preaching girl. Do you remember when Alyssa got that battery operated pink Barbie jeep when she was like 3 or 4? Well, Ashlyn had to be very young trying to drive it, and when she did she would go off the curbs and take dare devil chances just like you did. Alyssa wouldn’t ride with Ashlyn because she was scared. Haha!


Aliyah- Oh my smiley, sweet mannered baby. She was the best baby and always smiling. She is always coming up with the funniest things spur of the moment just like you did. She has such a laid back easy going personality just like you. Let me tell you, this girl, Aliyah Danielle Clift, practices piano non-stop and hardly ever watches tv. Our girl is always on the piano just like you were. She hardly lets us listen to her, so would you please whisper to her to let us hear about good she is sounding? Haha!


Alivia- Alivia Ann- Our little peace baby, or at least, that is what her name meant and that is why we named her that. She has such a pure sweet heart. She is such a giver. She loves to give gifts to people whether buying them or making them. And, she has your picture all over her room, and wants to hear stories all about you. She tells us all the time how much she misses you. Oh my gosh, and our girl loves chocolate just as much as you did. That girl can eat some chocolate. I tell her often, and we laugh about how many stashes of chocolate places you had in your office and at the church. LOL


Well, how’s my beach house in Heaven coming? I hope you are overseeing the building construction of it. Is it all blinged out yet? Hopefully, they got the right pink color I want. Oh, and, beautiful bright colored tulips everywhere is what I would like too. Haha!


I guess this is goodbye for now. Thank you for all the wonderful memories and for our 4 beautiful girls. They keep me going everyday. Thank you for the love you shared.   Tell King David hello for me. I know he was your favorite. I guess you guys are hanging out worshiping together. I know you are ecstatic about that. I can’t imagine.


Until we worship again together!


I love you forever Bryan Joel Clift!

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