Watching my husband day after day and night after night living with excruciating back & hip pain is so hard to bear…

As well as knowing, he has applied for probably 200 jobs to no avail.. as people say, just go get a job.. then saying, why don’t you have a job by now? Even with all his expertise and faithful years of dedication to his job and still not being able to find work, even if he could work, there are always so many others that seem to be a better fit for whatever reason.. Yet, through all of this, Lyle continues to press on with a good attitude and Worship The Lord!

It’s easy for people to judge Lyle by looking at him. Limping, hardly able to stand straight up or walk… trying to smile at people while gritting his teeth as people think he’s frowning and unhappy…He’s not a complainer, so I know when he tells me he’s in pain, then its very serious… What you don’t know are the countless hours of him taking care of his first wife Brenda as she was fighting brain cancer.. the 43 days he stayed by her side as she was in the hospital… the numerous times of Him picking Brenda up carrying her to the restroom or back to bed.. Him making sure she ate and took her medicines when she didn’t feel like eating… Him driving her to the hospital for chemo and radiation day after day… burying his precious Brenda after 33 years of marriage… then trying to somehow move on without her…. On top of all of that, still trying to sit, sleep, and walk without being in un-bearable pain.

I remember years back in my life, judging people without knowing their whole story. I wonder if people judged Jesus?

What, your mother got pregnant with you, and she wasn’t married?? Joseph is married to your mother, and he isn’t your real father? Who is your Father? If you are the real King, then why don’t you go around boasting about it? If You are the Lamb of God, then why are you working as a carpenter?

I wonder if people were still judging Jesus as he struggled to walk carrying the cross down the way to Calvary.. Was He spewing blood from his mouth from the beatings, was He dying of thirst, did they hear Him scream for miles in agony as they pierced His hands & feet?? Did He want his Father to save him? Hearing the whispers, if He is the King of The Jews, then why isn’t He saving himself?

God, let us have compassion for others.. Let us see others as you see them… Give us eyes to see, ears to hear what you are saying about them… God use each one of us to pray for others needing healing and jobs, instead of judging them. And, show us how we can help others. Let’s BE the church instead of talking about it!

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