I’m not trying to start World War 3 here, but I was wondering about something…  What plans do you have this Halloween?

I know Halloween is a touchy subject to most people, especially Christians.. We all have our different views. Please pray about what God would have you do this season, and most importantly, let’s be The Light in the darkness. With that being said, be careful if you dare to dabble in evil, and not just during Halloween. All through the Bible, God banished kings who did what was evil in His sight.

Remember, 1 Thessalonians to “Flee ALL appearances of EVIL…. Or Abstain from EVERY form of EVIL…”

Evil is simply: wicked, bad, sinful, foul, vile, dis-honorable, and dis-pleasing.

As Christians, I believe we must stay far away from everything that resembles any kind of evil. I also believe that there are NO such things as friendly ghosts, cool zombies/dead people, funny horoscopes, cute trick or treating, haunted houses, or scary movies. Evil is Evil no matter how you try to dress it up!

Hallowed be Thy Name Lord and not evil’s name! Let’s choose Jesus over any other name on hall-o-ween this year!

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