He’ll Do It Again

Lyle and I got some very discouraging news this morning, but we know and serve The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. And, God is Jehovah Jireh our provider. He has provided for us time and time again & will continue providing for us.

You may be facing a very similiar circumstance or situation. I want to encourage you that God hasn’t forgotten you. He will take care of you and me.

This past Friday night, The Lord spoke to me about Genesis 22:14, “The Lord will provide”! Just as God provided a sacrifice for Abraham so he didn’t have to kill his own son, God will provide for you and me. Since that day, we have been proclaiming that God will provide. I speak that over you too. The Lord will provide whatever you are in need of… Did you hear me? The LORD WILL PROVIDE! I wish you were right here close to me so we could shout it to each other.. Haha!

Just a few moments ago, The Lord reminded me of this classic song by Karen Wheaton, “He’ll Do It Again” I have been blaring it loudly and I know God will provide.

God is faithful! HE’LL DO IT AGAIN & AGAIN!!


Here is the link for the song by Karen Wheaton.




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