I’m No

After filling out many job applications and checking my experiences and such, I started doubting who I was… I found myself asking, can God use me? Here I am a 45-year-old woman with an awesome husband, 4 incredible girls, and 2 of the cutest little doggies ever. I’ve been a little ole stay at home mom now for the past 15 years, and I have loved it.

By the world’s standards, I don’t measure up. Because I don’t have the education or experience for whatever I am trying to do in life. I don’t have a portfolio, haven’t been out of the country unless British Columbia and Cancun, Mexico count.

I don’t tweet, pin or craft, and I’m definitely not a geek techie person.

I’m no doctor, although I have doctored many boo-boos. I’m no lawyer, but I have won many battle cases with one of 4 little girls that I know very well, and their names start with the letter A.

I’m no Accountant because math and I don’t get along.

I might be a meteorologist in the works because I just keep my coat and umbrella in my car at all times.

I’m neither a police officer nor a detective although I have solved many crime scene rooms involving dirty dishes, clothes, and toys.

I just might be getting close to being a fire fighter because with 4 girls I have put out many fires in the home involving towels, clothes, phone chargers, blow dryers, and anything else you can think of that girls might argue over. Haha!

I like to think I am a comedian but not a paid one. I like to make people laugh a little because life is hectic, fragile, and stressful.

I’m definitely no dentist but brush & floss regularly, and still have plenty of cavities and had braces twice.

By now, I think you are getting the point of I’m no, I’m no, I’m no… and whatever else excuses to give for why God can’t use me.

I was wondering if you ever felt like you believed the excuses/reasons why God couldn’t use you?

I know a man named Moses who gave many reasons why he wasn’t the man that God was looking for to lead the Israelites to The Promised Land. Yet, God chose him.

All God is looking for is willing vessels. And, guess what? You qualify… God picks you for the job! He has awesome benefits for you, which are found in Psalm 103, so when can you start?

I love this song by Dewitt Jones and Ron Kenoly, “Use Me”

“If You can use anything Lord, You can use me
If You can use anything Lord, You can use me
Take my hands, Lord, And my feet
Touch my heart, Lord, And speak through me
If You can use anything Lord, You can use me

Take my hands and my feet, Touch my heart, speak through me….

So if You can use anything Lord
Come on and use me.”





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