My Midnight Hour

Guess what.. I’m back..   You won’t believe what happened in my “midnight hour” this past Thursday night when I was at the hospital with Alyssa? I was so ready to give up…

I turned on worship music and started worshipping The Lord. Alyssa and I were in the exact ER room where my first husband Bryan Clift lay dying of stomach cancer. I will never forget his pain. It was so excruciating; the only thing that relieved his pain was worship. Worship is so powerful!

As I worshiped, I began thinking about Job and his wife in The Bible… We are so quick to throw Job’s wife under the bus so to speak for telling Job to curse God and die.

PLEASE hear me, I’m not saying we should curse God and die when trials and tribulations follow us as believers. What I am saying is how can we make sure that after all we go through, Heaven forbid, we don’t wind up the same way Job’s wife did by cursing God or worse.

Think about this. I wonder what lies the enemy told her. Didn’t she see that the enemy was trying to silence her & get her to speak idle words instead of faith and trust in God? Was she not meditating on The Word of God? I wonder if she was listening to nay-sayers, sooth-sayers or hear-say?

Couldn’t she have reached out to her church or prayer team for help before loosing it emotionally, and spiritually? Did she not have any faith filled Christian friends who could encourage her in The Lord?

Couldn’t she have whispered His Name, Jesus! Couldn’t she have started speaking in Faith saying God I trust you; You are faithful, My God!

Couldn’t she have danced before The Lord like David danced? Couldn’t she have stirred herself up in her most Holy Faith or gotten on the “social media” bandwagon asking for prayer?

Couldn’t she have just held on for one more moment…minute… hour… day… month… or year?

Couldn’t she see how God could have turned her brokenness and pain into a worldwide Christian Ministry and saved others from the same demise? Couldn’t she have broken her alabaster jar at Jesus’ feet symbolically or pressed Jesus like the woman with the issue of blood?

Did she not, “guard her heart and mind through Christ Jesus?” Couldn’t she have called on, The God of her forefathers? Could she not see with eyes of Faith that her breakthrough turn-around was imminent?

I have to ask you, what will you do in your “midnight hour” when your world is crashing all around you? I encourage you to learn what Not to do from Job’s wife. Do whatever it takes to Not get to a point of cursing God and dying!

If you are in the midst of your “midnight hour,” Keep holding onto Jesus, because your redemption draweth nigh!

Thank you sweet Facebook friends who prayed for me, encouraged me in The Lord, and loved on me during my midnight hour!



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