“Out of the Mouths of Babes”

While in my garage sorting through my much smaller clothes, Alivia Ann looked at the size and said, “mom, you really were tiny!” What Alivia doesn’t know or remember is how I came to being that small.

For me, it came at a time when my first husband Bryan was dying of stomach cancer. I couldn’t eat, barely slept, and all I could do was pray and fast for a supernatural miracle. And, after he died, I still couldn’t eat.

How many people do we automatically do that to without knowing all the facts or their story? Maybe they lost a loved one, on medication that causes weight gain, or simply need to be delivered from over eating, eating the wrong things and exercising? Or possibly, they have gone through a “Rowlett Tornado” and lost everything.

God, I pray that you would give us compassion for people without having to know their “story” that we would have so much love inside us that we love people because you love people.

So, my New Year’s Revelation came from “Out of the mouth of a Babe, Alivia Ann. I am sure she wouldn’t consider herself a baby but you know what I mean. Haha!

Jesus used her to help let me see people through His eyes again.  Thank you Alivia Ann.



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