What Is Happening?

By now, we have all heard the story in the news about the Pregnant Sudanese woman who is in prison scheduled to die because she won’t recant her Christian faith.   Yesterday, she delivered her baby girl shackled in chains and was denied the request to go to the hospital.

As I was thinking about her, I was reminded about churches in America where we live so casually, happy go lucky or even un-concerned about our hearts conditions.  We get to wear what we want, drive what we want, eat what we want, have as many children as we want, and if asked, “everyone is supposedly a Christian.”

Yet, we walk into churches half awake, dreading going but wanting to punch our spiritual time clock, usually late, arguing on the way to church, cursing or half cursing, yawning looking at our watches the entire time, half clapping at a few songs if we are lucky, keeping our hands in a folded position or in our pockets, and bringing in our coffee’s, soda’s, and whatever else that we want when the signs say, “No food or drink in the sanctuary”!

Where has the honor & respect for Jesus Christ and The House of The Lord gone?  Why are we not more reverential towards God & His House?  Why aren’t we raising Holy Hands and going to Church ready to Worship The One who gave it all for us!

If I remember correctly, the priests would have to live Holy lives and could be struck dead at any time for not being devout, obedient, gracious, or upholding God as God. They were constantly making blood sacrifices for forgiveness of sins, taking off their shoes before entering the Holy Place or maybe even the outer courts, and being prepared before worshiping The Lord.

In Leviticus 10:7 it says, “…You must never leave the entrance of the tabernacle or you will die.”

I encourage you to always stay in the Presence of the Lord and live a Godly Holy Righteous Life, so that you may really live!

Let’s determine to be ready to go to church this Sunday.  Pray for your pastors and staff members.  Ask God today what you can do to be more prepared for Sunday, and how you can be a blessing to The House of God!


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